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5 Superstars who should return in masks

Josh Coulson
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Kane is currently attempting to venture into politics

Masks are props that have been utilized by a number of wrestlers throughout the history of the business. Sometimes they mean something, sometimes they are simply a way of covering up a Superstar's face.

The most important time that masks mean something is when they are being worn by luchadors. WWE fans haven't been exposed to the full extent of Lucha Libre. It is basically an art form in Mexico and the mask that often comes along with it is a sacred symbol of that art form.

Wearing a mask isn't restricted to luchadors though. Kane, Vader, Mankind, there have been plenty of WWE Superstars who have worn masks because it's a part of their costume and their gimmick. For some former wrestlers returning in a mask might actually be a good idea, and here are five performers who should consider it.

#5 Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho hosting his Festival of Friendship
Chris Jericho hosting his Festival of Friendship

Chris Jericho is the absolute master of reinventing himself. The man has been wrestling for over 25 years yet thanks to subtle tweaks in his character throughout his career he remains as relevant in the industry to this day as he has ever been.

From the top knot to the suit to the scarves to the light up jacket, Y2J has done it all maaaaaan. There's one thing Chris hasn't added to his repertoire while in WWE though, and that's a mask. Sure, he wore one to help Kevin Owens retain the Universal Championship, but the concept has a lot of promise.

Imagine if the next time we see Y2J, we don't know it's him. Just a masked stranger constantly getting involved in Kevin Owens' matches and making his life a living hell, only for that man to be revealed somewhere down the line as The Greatest Of All Time himself, Chris Jericho.

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