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5 Superstars that WWE regrets releasing

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Cody is doing great on his own

Releasing a superstar from his contract can't be a fun task for any wrestling promotion across the globe, but we imagine that it's even more painful for World Wrestling Entertainment. Why? Well, let's be honest, they are by far the biggest game in town and having to strip someone of the chance to compete for the company can't be all too pleasing.

But what must be even more infuriating for people like Vince McMahon is when released Superstars go on to make an even bigger name for themselves on the independent scene. Sure it doesn't always happen, and they do often come back a few years down the line, but watching these guys, in particular, succeed must really strike a chord with the boss backstage.

Of course, we can't guarantee that they cry into their pillows every night when they think about these names, and one of them was only released for a short period of time, but every single entry makes sense in one way or another. Obviously, there can be a good life to be had in this business beyond the world of WWE, and these men are the proof in the pudding when it comes to that statement.

With that being said, here are five Superstars WWE regrets releasing.

#1 Cody Rhodes

Rhodes is already a huge star on the indies

How did WWE not see Cody's success coming? The American Nightmare has done brilliantly since leaving the company back in 2016, putting on great match after great match on the independent scene. He clearly hadn't been happy in WWE for a while, and that's not surprising when you hear about how they treated him towards the end of his run.

Cody played every character he was given to the best of his abilities, which was always a given when you consider just how talented his father was. Rhodes may well walk through the doors of Vince's company once again one day, but for now, he's more than happy making a name for himself as one of the most underrated stars to be released in recent times.

Onto a high-flyer of sorts.

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