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5 Superstars you forgot Stephanie McMahon slapped

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Harry Kettle
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 09:50 IST
Steph loves to show the world who is boss

Stephanie McMahon isn't the most enjoyable character in the world of professional wrestling. She always seems to talk down to Superstars and never really receive any comeuppance for it - oh, other than the spear from Roman Reigns, of course. That was worth it - not. 

One of the big issues that people have with good old Steph is her self-proclaimed "signature move" of the slap. Now, some people will try and defend her case by insinuating that she has to look as strong as possible in her role but that really is a load of horse dung.

Stephanie looks strong so that she can massage her own ego, and that's an increasing problem when you consider that the main goal is to get other talent over.

Alas, we have been subjected to many slaps over the years that have genuinely felt like they've been directed at us as opposed to the Superstars involved. With recent victims including the likes of Batista and Roman Reigns, it's easy to forget that Steph's slapping days date back well into the Attitude Era and some of the people on the receiving end of it may really make your stomach turn.

So without further ado, let's take a look at five superstars you forgot Stephanie McMahon slapped. Note - the term "Superstar" is used rather loosely, here.

#1 Mick Foley

A blast from the past for the current partners in crime

Whilst many people are probably surprised that this hasn't happened in the New Era, they'll be even more shocked to learn that Stephanie actually has laid one on Mrs Foley's Baby Boy more than a decade ago. During a match in which Foley was the special guest referee, Stephanie unleashed a vicious slap that really took Mick off guard.

It was a classic case of Steph seeming as if she was above and beyond the standard wrestling law, but we'd like to think that it was Mick's idea in the first place as opposed to being the other way round. In reality, this one may have been the least damaging when you consider how much physical torment Mick had already gone through by that stage in his career.

Bang bang indeed. We move slightly up the card to a man who didn't take any nonsense whatsoever.

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Published 23 Feb 2017, 19:36 IST
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