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5 Surprise debuts the WWE Universe would love to see at NXT Takeover XXV

Nathan Smith
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13.78K   //    01 Jun 2019, 19:30 IST

NXT Takeover: XXV
NXT Takeover: XXV

The 25th edition of NXT Takeover is taking place in Bridgeport, Connecticut tonight, and while the card looks a little lighter than the past few shows, it will no doubt do as Takeovers always do -- rise to the occasion to become an incredible show. While all the matches are promising on paper and will no doubt deliver, it has become a Takeover tradition to see the next big Indie star turn up in the crowd, and right now, they've got plenty of them sitting down at the Performance Centre.

While they may not come as too much of a surprise anymore, it's still a fun way to get a pop from the NXT Universe and introduce a new face, and with so much roster turnover in the past year, it's likely we'll see at least one, if not 2 to 3 on this show. So without further ado, sit back and read along as we look to tonight's Takeover event and talk about 5 surprise debuts we'd love to see in the crowd.

#5 A.C.H


A.C.H (real name Albert Hardie, which he may go by in NXT) has been connected to WWE for quite some time, and now the former ROH and New Japan star is ready to make an impact. He puts a unique twist on the traditional high-flying style in wrestling, and while nothing he does is groundbreaking, he connects with the crowd in a way that few others can.

He just had some dark match appearances for NXT tapings and it's only a matter of time until he brings his infectious energy to NXT, so a surprise debut at Takeover would be a great way to launch a very promising WWE career. NXT is so stacked on top end talent right now that they may have to hold back on him for a while, but when he does, he'll have plenty of dream matches lined up.

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