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5 surprise Royal Rumble winners that would help WWE solidify the 'New Era' promise

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12 Jan 2019, 09:15 IST

4. Rusev

While booed in previous rumbles, if Rusev won the 2019 Rumble, the cheers would be deafening
While booed in previous rumbles, if Rusev won the 2019 Rumble, the cheers would be deafening

Although he's the current United States Champion, the shelf-life of the US Champion hasn't been more than a few months lately. How long will he hold the belt, and will he drop it back to Shinsuke Nakamura in the inevitable rematch?

Whatever happens regarding the US Title, Rusev is someone that the WWE Universe is clearly behind. While it's nice that the WWE noticed that and gave him a few title shots, a United States Championship run might not be enough.

Rusev has proven that he can hang with all types of wrestlers and all types of styles. If they need to push someone in the 'New Era' who hasn't been a consistent main-event player, then look no further than Rusev.

While he did get over organically on his own with the 'Rusev Day' gimmick, WWE often doesn't like that. But when the constant crowd cheers become too loud to ignore, perhaps they should position him as a main event threat permanently.

Like I mentioned on the previous slide, Smackdown needs more credible babyfaces in the main event. Having Rey Mysterio or Jeff Hardy win the WWE Championship would just be a step backwards and a true sign that the 'New Era' promises were all false.

If Rusev were to triumph in the Rumble match, it would be refreshing for the crowd. It would provide us with another new winner like Shinsuke Nakamura and it would be cathartic for the man himself who has had to work hard since being punished for simply getting engaged a few years ago.

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