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5 Surprises fans may want to see at Roadblock: End of The Line

Roadblock could see many swerves, we list some that fan-favourites that could make an appearance.

Which surprises do fans want to see at Roadblock?

On  Sunday, December 18th, the WWE presents the Roadblock: End of the Line. The show seems to have snuck up on fans, as the build-up to the event only kicked off after Survivor Series. There has been some criticism that the writing has not been effective in drawing interest from fans, and suffers in comparison to the build for SmackDown Live's recent TLC event.

As both brands continue to compete against one another in the ratings, another area of competition is the performance of their respective pay per views. Raw has suffered from not having as many surprises or incidents with that 'wow factor.' As a result, SmackDown Live feels more fresh and compelling.

Obviously, a few ideas could be thrown around to give the last big show of the year some life. Some spice is needed to add to the event and catch fans off guard so that they will want to tune into Raw the next night.

What exactly would make this event more exciting? What surprises could the booking have in store for fans? Here are five surprises fans may want to see happen at Roadblock: End of the Line.

#5 Finn Balor Returns

Could he have a message for Kevin Owens this Sunday about the WWE Universal championship?

Since The Demon has been absent from WWE programming the title he won, has been hotly contested, with current champion Kevin Owens battling over it with challengers Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

Balor's injury obviously had to change the immediate plans for the belt; the plan had to have been a programme between Balor and Rollins, but that didn't happen. What ensued was an unplanned face turn for Rollins based out of circumstance and a feud with Owens.

Balor has to be chomping at the bit to return to the ring. While this may be early based on the timetable previously given for his return, which was said to be six months after his August surgery, perhaps, he could appear to add his name to the list of competitors that would be part of the 2017 Royal Rumble.

And not only could he announce his impending return; he could do it while getting in Owens’ face. Even the suggestion that Balor and Owens could potentially cross paths at the Royal Rumble or later has to appeal to a number of Raw fans. It would certainly add to an otherwise less-than-stellar event.

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