5 Surprises we could see in the 1st WWE RAW of 2021- Unexpected alliance, New romance begins resulting in title change

Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan could play a major role.
Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan could play a major role.
Riju Dasgupta

This edition of WWE RAW is guaranteed to be special. Why? Because it will be Legends Night where many Superstars from the past will return to make their presence felt once again.

In addition to this, Drew McIntyre will defend his WWE Championship on WWE RAW as the Scotsman takes on Keith Lee.

Plus, there was an incredible cliffhanger starring Alexa Bliss and Randy Orton, with which WWE RAW went off the air last week, making people wonder what was next for both of these twisted characters.

Considering what a loaded episode this week's show will be, WWE RAW is guaranteed to have one or more surprises.

Here are 5 surprises we could potentially see on this week's edition of WWE RAW.

#5 Every legend on WWE RAW teams up against Randy Orton this week

Long before he was a Fiend burner, WWE RAW megastar Randy Orton was a 'Legend Killer', inflicting punishment and pain upon those who've paved the way for WWE Superstars like him.

Could Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Booker T, Mark Henry, The Big Show, and others team up on this week's edition of WWE RAW and take the fight to Randy Orton for everything he's done over the last few months? The Boogeyman could also join the fray because the punishment that has been inflicted has been borderline supernatural. Maybe Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt have some sort of connection with this demonic being.

Just the sight of all of the legends uniting to maybe crack chairs across Randy Orton's back on WWE RAW would be awesome and could equal great viewership. Vince McMahon has done a commendable job in building Randy Orton as the ultimate villain on WWE RAW, and such a moment could be cathartic for those watching at home.

#4 WWE RAW Superstar Angel Garza tries his luck with Torrie Wilson

Angel Garza has been trying his luck with just about everyone on WWE RAW- be it Charly Caruso or Sarah Schreiber. This week, with Torrie Wilson coming to WWE RAW for Legends Night, he could try and pass a rose to her as well, only to be foiled in his plans.

Maybe R-Truth shows up out of the blue and does something super weird or maybe another one of the legends plays the third wheel in this WWE RAW segment. Maybe Demi from The Bachelor shows up and is aghast that Angel Garza is unfaithful to her.

One thing that has to be remembered is that Angel Garza is the current 24/7 Champion, which is sure to play into this week's edition of WWE RAW in some way.

Maybe Torrie Wilson uses this opportunity to pin Angel Garza and become the 24/7 Champion on WWE RAW in a surprising segment. She could drop her title to another one of the legends in due course.

#3 IRS confronts WWE RAW star Randy Orton regarding what he did to his son

IRS is one of the legends confirmed to be returning for the special edition of WWE RAW entitled 'Legends Night'. It is a well-known fact that he is the father of incinerated WWE RAW star, and future legend, Bray Wyatt.

Could IRS return to WWE RAW in character, but then take off his guise and speak to Randy Orton as a man and ask him what kind of sick and twisted individual would do what he did to another human being? It would be funny to see him as the taxman, but for IRS to return in this more stripped-down persona would actually be really compelling television indeed.

IRS has worked behind the scenes for many years and he will be more than happy to mix it up with Randy Orton, who has been a mainstay in the company for years and years. Maybe he could even eat an RKO, which would add to Randy Orton's heel heat on WWE RAW.

#2 Beth Phoenix asks Asuka for a shot at the WWE RAW Women's Championship at the Royal Rumble

Even though Asuka and Charlotte Flair are the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, it is easy to forget that Asuka also holds the WWE RAW Women's Championship. While she has been a great Champion, she hasn't really had too many challengers for her title. This could change with the arrival of Beth Phoenix to WWE RAW on Legends Night.

Because we know that the WWE RAW Women's Champion cannot be a part of the Royal Rumble match, Beth Phoenix could challenge her to a separate match at the Royal Rumble. Even if she comes up short, it would be a fresh match and a fresh program between two beloved babyfaces who can go at the highest level. Asuka deserves a challenger of Beth Phoenix's caliber.

We saw how MVP was able to reinvent himself, and there's always the chance that Beth Phoenix does so too. Until Charlotte Flair turns on Asuka, this is a feud that could certainly captivate the WWE Universe.

#1 Carlito challenges Bobby Lashley to a match on WWE RAW for the prestigious US Title

Carlito is one of the few legends returning to WWE RAW for Legends Night, who can actually go in the ring even now. Yes, he could certainly mix it up with the talents of today, and especially go after a title that he once held.

As a former United States Champion, he could step out to face Bobby Lashley in an impromptu match on WWE RAW this week. It would be a great treat for fans who have missed seeing Carlito in action, and even if he comes up short, it would be a great moment for Bobby Lashley.

Carlito and Bobby Lashley have quite a history even outside of WWE, and they wouldn't mind working with one another for sure. It remains to be seen, however, if this is the plan for WWE RAW or not, this week.


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