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5 Surprises that could occur at the WWE draft

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42.51K   //    29 Jun 2016, 20:56 IST
 The brand split will determine the future of New Day

On Tuesday, July 19, the wait will be over. During the live broadcast of Smackdown, WWE will hold its highly anticipated Draft to split the Raw and Smackdown brands to create new rivalries and better competition with two different rosters.

There is growing speculation the split will mean two world champions and new titles being added to each promotion. There is also talk of there being more pay-per-view events, enhancing the importance of each show.

I’m probably not as excited as other fans who have seen this before, but I am interested in seeing who is “drafted” to each program and what new rivalries will be created. As for now, the same old shtick gets a little tiring. With the new “era” being promoted, I wonder how the McMahons will play on the current rivalry between Shane and Stephanie McMahon and who make their “surprise” appearance on television.

It’s not something that keeps me up at night, but I have thought about it a time or two while working with the laptop.

If all things are considered equal (and they’re not in the wrestling business) then this should be an even split of talent, bringing fans back to television and packing arenas for never before seen events. Of course, everything has been done to death, so the need for shock value is a definite must.

Since this is a Top-5 type of story, these are the five things that need to happen on the night of the WWE Draft.

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