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5 Surprising Ages of a few current WWE Superstars 

Sean Anderman
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21.20K   //    05 May 2018, 01:13 IST

Cena celebrated his birthday recently

Recently, John Cena celebrated his 41st birthday and he looks amazing in his early forty's. You might be shocked to hear how old he is but remember that Wrestlers age just like everyone else.

The average wrestler now ranges from their mid twenty's to mid thirty's. There are those who are younger and older than the average but the average WWE performer is in their early thirty's.

Age is simply a number at this rate as wrestlers who are older still are able to do what they do best. For example, the Hardy's are both in their forty's and they are still doing the best they can to this day. Jeff Hardy especially as he's still doing his crazy high flying spots to this day.

Let's take a look at a few wrestlers and see how surprisingly young or old they are.

#5 The Ascension (Both are 38)

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The Ascension members are both reaching their forties

They might not look like it, but both Konnor and Viktor are 38 years old. As for the tag teams, the Revival is the closest in age as Dash is 30 and Dawson is 33.

With both Ascension members being this close to forty years old and how little they mean to the tag division, expect them gone in a few years.

It's a shame considering they were one of the hottest acts in NXT and now they don't do anything.

A surprising fact about Konnor is that he has been in the WWE system since 2005 when he signed with WWE's developmental (OVW).

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