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5 Surprising Moments From Backlash 2018

It was a truly boring night for the first dual branded pay-per-view.

Top 5 / Top 10 07 May 2018, 14:07 IST

If only the whole show looked this exciting.
If only the whole show looked this exciting.

That was a very bad night of wrestling.

A lot of problems became quite clear very quickly in the first dual-branded pay-per-view of the second brand split era. We had lots of short matches, terrible booking decisions and a lack of any real storyline progression. It was clearly an early contender for the worst pay-per-view of the year. It is quite depressing to see such a talented roster putting on such a bad pay-per-view in 2018. However, I don’t put most of the blame on them.

With all of this in my bored mind, I present my list of the top five most surprising moments of WWE Backlash 2018:

#5 The Miz has the best match on the card again

The Miz is truly awesome.
The Miz is truly awesome.

It was amazing to say but you could make the case The Miz was a part of the best match on the last three pay-per-view cards. At WrestleMania 34, the Greatest Royal Rumble and Backlash, The Miz was a part of arguably the best match on each show. Who would ever have thought that would be in the case even just a few years ago?

I will grant it really helps that Seth Rollins, arguably the best performer on the main roster, is a part of those matches as well. But it takes two to tango as they say. The Miz didn’t just hold his own, his wrestling skill was on display these last few months during the exciting IC title matches.

The Miz could always talk an amazing game but to see the in-ring work get there as well? It is truly awesome.

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