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5 surprising moments from Survivor Series 2017

WWE pulled off their best PPV of the year and hosted few surprising moments for the WWE Universe.

The two teams face off before the main event. John Cena is not a team player.

Triple H, as always, ruins everything.

Survivor Series was a fun show on Sunday night in Houston that allowed some friendly, albeit meaningless competition between the Raw and SmackDown Brand. There was not a bad match and even had a few matches that are clearly in the running for the best WWE matches of the year.

It was almost ruined by the strange booking of the main event’s ending but likely still ranks from as the best of the “Big Four” pay-per-views of the year. I don’t think it is even close.

With all of this in my thoughts, I present my list of the top five most surprising moments of WWE Survivor Series 2017:

#5 Jinder didn’t hinder AJ Styles

What could have been.
What could have been?

You have to feel a little sorry for Jinder Mahal. He held the WWE Championship for nearly six months. While he isn’t the best at what he does, he did produce a great amount of heel heat throughout the lengthy reign. To go from main eventing pay-per-views to a quick video package backstage in such a short time was pretty surprising.

I am sure a lot of us are expecting him to interfere in the AJ Styles’ match. It would have made logical sense for him to do so, set up a potential rematch, and have the added bonus of protecting both brand’s champions going forward. Alas, Jinder was a mere spectator on Sunday night.

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