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5 things we didn't expect to see at WWE Crown Jewel

Pezo Lutete
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 19:37 IST

Crown Jewel was full of surprises
Crown Jewel was full of surprises

WWE Crown Jewel is now in the books and fans are still talking about what went down in the unforgettable night. We all have our own thoughts and opinions about the show, whether it's positive or negative. While many were happy with the show, others believe it was as bad as they expected it to be. The show was packed with lots of action and the crowds were full of energy throughout the entire show.

Even though it was not one of the best PPVs of the year, there were still some matches that we found quite exciting and enjoyable. The event went through so much criticism that many thought WWE would eventually cancel it or postpone it to another venue.

Former WWE Champions Daniel Bryan and John Cena chose not to attend the event and were eventually pulled out. Even though the event was heavily booked by WWE, the first-ever all-women PPV WWE Evolution was believed to be the better show by many even though it was badly booked by the company.

WWE still managed to keep us surprised at disappointed with some of the things that went down on Crown Jewel that many of us didn't expect at all.

#5 Dolph Ziggler pins Kurt Angle

Dolph Ziggler shocked the world at Crown Jewel
Dolph Ziggler shocked the world at Crown Jewel

Kurt Angle is a WWE Hall of Famer. He is also a former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion. He has headlined WrestleMania and several PPVs multiple times in his WWE career. It was absolutely unexpected for him to lose so easily to Dolph Ziggler. He was one of the favourites to win the World Cup tournament and to be acknowledged as "The best in the world."

In the first round of the tournament, Dolph Ziggler locked Angle in a sleeper, only for the ‘Master of the Ankle Lock’ to break free and hit Ziggler with a German Suplex. Angle rolled back the years and followed it up with his finisher the Angle Slam, but Ziggler kicked out at the last second.

In the end, Ziggler hit Angle with a Zig-Zag and managed to pin him for the 3-count. It was a huge win for Dolph Ziggler, who went on to the next round. His win over Angle was probably his biggest non-title victory in his entire wrestling career.

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Published 03 Nov 2018, 09:30 IST
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