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5 Surprising WWE rules every superstar has to follow

Thomas Lowson
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The Animal Batista was fined US$100,000 after a steel cage match with Chris Jericho went wrong
The Animal Batista was fined US$100,000 after a steel cage match with Chris Jericho went wrong

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From the moment you start at a job, there are rules you have to follow. Certain restrictions that are imposed upon you, it's a small price to pay for that paycheck. But in WWE, there have been some strange, frankly baffling rules, that every WWE Superstar follows, whether they agree with them or not.

Although some of these rules do make sense from a company point of view, many are just strange at the best of times and arguably unethical at the worst of times.

Here are five shocking WWE rules every superstar has to follow, and punishments they may face if they don't.

#5 No High-Fiving fans on the way to the ring on televised shows

WWE RAW Women's Champion 'Rowdy' Ronda Rousey is reportedly exempt from this rule

One of the newest rules on this list, this mandate was revealed just weeks ago, saying WWE Superstars cannot high five fans on TV. The belief is that it takes up far too much time on screen when every second counts in building superstars and hype to the next pay per view.

Interestingly, the only superstar who is allowed to high-five is Ronda Rousey, who probably won't be continuing this trend given her recent heel turn on Becky Lynch.

Although I realize how precious each second can be, I do think superstars should be able to high-five, as the simple gesture could mean so much to fans both new and old, who will be able to have a genuine, albeit brief, connection to their favorite superstars.

The new rule has not changed how many fans at ringside hold out their hands, hoping, sadly in vain, for that special high-five.

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