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5 takeaways from Monday Night RAW: 19th Feburary 2018

An interesting way to hype your PPV! Kudos WWE!

Top 5 / Top 10 20 Feb 2018, 20:46 IST

Will this have any implications on their Shield brotherhood?
Will this have any implications on their Shield brotherhood?

Seth Rollins was handpicked by the Authority, to become the face of WWE back in 2014. The post-Shield run of Seth Rollins, in which he defeated the likes of Dean Ambrose, John Cena, Sting and Roman Reigns, was one of the best heel runs in recent memory. His face run lacked a lot of points and was in huge danger of making him obscure.

His performance at RAW this week was everything you'd expect a star to give, and Rollins obliged. In a show which had just three matches and extremely less amount of drama, RAW exceeded expectations.

We look at five major talking points from one of the best go-home episodes in recent times!

#5: Brotherly Love

A battle for the wettest hair!
A battle for the wettest hair!

Roman Reigns and his current Shield mate, Seth Rollins, started off the gauntlet match in an epic fashion. Both these performers have shown their immense chemistry in the ring before and produced yet another fascinating encounter.

The rise of Seth Rollins could not have been booked in a better way. As he became the first superstar in almost a year to pin 'The Big Dog' clean in the middle of the ring! One cannot be happy for someone's injury, but Jason Jordan and Dean Ambrose being injured has given Rollins a new lease of life!

Hopefully, this momentum continues until WrestleMania for Rollins.

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