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5 takeaways from this week's SmackDown Live: 6th February 2018

A review of what transpired this week

Top 5 / Top 10 07 Feb 2018, 20:50 IST

The Champ That Runs the Camp
The Champ That Runs the Camp

The slug-fest named SmackDown Live continued its build to Fastlane(and WrestleMania) this week. SmackDown Live is slowly and gradually becoming the B-show of old, with everything on SmackDown Live feeling inferior to its red compatriot.

The cheap graphics stolen from MS Powerpoint 2003 were once again a disturbing sight and WWE's decision to continue some nonsensical booking made the show a tough two-hour watch. Few bright moments like the Usos and New Day stood out, but apart from it, the show was tiresome.

We look at five takeaways from yet another disappointing episode of the B-show, and by B I do mean blue!

#5: Seriously, when will it stop?

This has probably been the situation every week since November
This has probably been the situation every week since November

The whole saga involving Styles, Owens-Zayn and Shane-Bryan was kind of intriguing at first, but it has gone on way too long now! Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon have been at each other's throats for eight months! Long-term storytelling is all good, but if the story isn't great, no one will be interested.

WWE are teasing Daniel Bryan's return to the ring way too hard now. He is never bound to get cleared from the WWE medics, and thus this feud seems rather futile. Shane and D-Bry are never going to have a proper endgame to their rivalry.

Trust WWE to ride a horse to his death, and the prolonging of this storyline is precisely that!

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