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Ready to step into Hollywood
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Paul Heyman was, is, and will always be an influential name in the wrestling business. The contributions that he has made to the wrestling business itself are enough to show how differently wired Heyman’s brain is. While some might call him a great manager, others would love to see him as a promoter that changed the tides in the business.

But we all know that it’s hard to confine Heyman with just one or two superlatives from the English dictionary. Heyman is still one of the best assets that WWE has on their roster and his recent appearance on the Network special show ‘Bring It to the Table’ underlined the fact yet again.

While a lot of interesting facts about Heyman is known to the WWE Universe, there are certain ones that we might not be aware of. In this list, we are going to take a look at them.

#5 The lesser known Paul Heyman guys

Renee is an off-screen Heyman girl

On screen, Paul Heyman is one of the most successful managers out there with clients like Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Kurt Angle, and a string of others. But not many know about his mentoring skills off the screen. Heyman is known for building up many careers during his stay in the business and some of the lesser known names include Renee Young, Natalya, and Beth Phoenix.

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A good portion of all the ECW originals were real life Heyman guys and though he might still owe them money, most of them are still loyal to Heyman, which in turn showcase how good Heyman is when it comes to managing people.

#4 Looking4Larry

Heyman is the founder of Looking4Larry

Outside the professional wrestling business, Heyman is the co-founder of Looking4Larry agency based in New York City. Looking4Larry was named one of the top 100 Global Marketers by Advertising Age and this show how successful Heyman has been with his project. The agency was founded by Heyman and Mitchell Stuart and it owns the Heyman Hustle brand which has a huge fan following on social media.

When it comes to their clientele, the agency has some big names like iHeart Radio, Gibson Guitar Corporation, THQ games and many others. This has enabled them to make content featuring names like Bon Jovi, Miley Cyrus, Sting (the other one), Taylor Swift and many more.

#3 Vince McMahon made him choose professional wrestling

Vince inspired Heyman

We are faced with some hard questions about our career as youngsters. Choosing a career path can be hard but for Heyman, the turning point proved to be Vince McMahon. When he was young, Heyman came across a segment where Vince was interviewing Superstar Billy Graham.

Heyman decided that he wanted to work in the business after seeing this segment. At just 13, Heyman would then go on to become a photographer and would publish his own newsletter. Heyman often used his photography as an excuse to buy his way into arenas and meet people so that he could build relationships. He would even sneak into a production meeting as his curiosity levels were too damn high.

#2 He almost joined TNA

The business would’ve changed

TNA has attained a new life thanks to the introduction of Anthem. It is a huge move for the company and the entire concept of TNA might change. Back in 2009, TNA was on the verge of having a similar shift as the company was in significant talks with none other than Paul Heyman. Heyman had mentioned that he was so close to saying ‘yes’ to the promotion but added that he found it hard to agree with the terms.

Heyman wanted a stake in the company and full control, just like he had in ECW but TNA was apparently not ready to run with the idea. They had Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan during the time these discussions were on and if that wasn’t the case, we could’ve had a different outcome.

Heyman eventually made his return to WWE and for TNA, it ended up being a missed opportunity.

#1 He is ready for Hollywood

Ready to step into Hollywood

Hollywood is made up of brilliant minds. We are fortunate enough to come across some great works of cinema every year but ever imagined someone like Paul Heyman in Hollywood? Well, it might turn out to be a reality sooner or later. Heyman once mentioned during an appearance on the Steve Austin show podcast that he has a script ready.

Heyman, however, does not plan to jump into any offer and claimed that he always had a different vision for the project. He also mentioned that he is waiting for the right time to make his move. With Heyman being responsible for some of the most memorable storylines in the wrestling business, his venture into Hollywood would certainly evoke interest among the wrestling fans.

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