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5 things current WWE heels should learn from Vince McMahon 

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Vince McMahon, owner of WWE
Vince McMahon, owner of WWE

On an episode of Raw, mere days before WWE WrestleMania 13, Bret Hart snapped on TV and shoved Vince McMahon in the process. As a visibly irate Vince left the ring, Hart delivered a scathing promo in front of a white-hot crowd.

It is widely regarded as the moment the Mr. McMahon character was born. Gradually, Vince McMahon grew more ruthless with each passing day. He soon got into a feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin, deemed by many as the greatest Pro Wrestling rivalry of all time.

The rivalry went on for a long while, giving the fans a string of legendary moments that are still talked about to this day. The Austin vs McMahon feud was one of the major reasons the company won the Monday Night Wars. In this article, we take a look at five crucial things WWE's current heels should learn from Vince McMahon.

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#5 Being extremely untrustworthy

Vince revealed as the higher power
Vince revealed as the higher power

One of the biggest qualities of a heel is the fact that they simply can't be trusted. A true heel will turn on you at any point in time and will do it with a smile on his/her face.

At a point, Vince McMahon sought Stone Cold's help to rescue his daughter from The Undertaker. For the first time in a long while, the fans felt bad for the boss. Imagine the horror on their faces when Vince revealed himself as the higher power!

Furthermore, the main event of WWE WrestleMania 16 saw Vince McMahon turn on The Rock, joining forces with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. These are just a few of several instances which made Vince one of the most untrustworthy villains on the WWE roster.

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