5 things that could happen on WWE SmackDown before Survivor Series WarGames (November 25, 2022) 

Becky Lynch(Left); Bray Wyatt(Right)
Becky Lynch(Left); Bray Wyatt(Right)

The final episode of WWE SmackDown before Survivor Series WarGames will emanate live from the Amica Mutual Pavilion in Providence, Rhode Island, on November 25, 2022.

WWE has announced that Braun Strowman and Butch will take on Ricochet and Santos Escobar respectively, in the semi-finals of the WWE SmackDown World Cup in the upcoming show. Furthermore, Bianca Belair is scheduled to announce the final member of her team for the WarGames match.

The two tag team matches announced for Friday night are Shayna Baszler & Ronda Rousey vs. Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi and Drew McIntyre & Sheamus vs. The Usos in a WarGames advantage match.

On that note, let's look at five things that could happen on the go-home show.

#5. Braun Strowman and Santos Escobar qualify for the final of the WWE SmackDown World Cup

The SmackDown World Cup Bracket!#SmackDown

The upcoming episode of the blue brand will witness the semifinals of the SmackDown World Cup. While Braun Strowman will lock horns with Ricochet, Butch will take on Santos Escobar for a place in the final.

Fans can expect Strowman and Escobar to win their respective clashes to earn a spot in the final. While Strowman is expected to dominate Ricochet, the creative team could have The Bloodline or Legado cost Butch his match.

On another note, given how WWE teased a potential feud between Strowman and Gunther on the previous episode of WWE SmackDown, The Monster of All Monsters is the hot favorite to win the whole thing and earn the championship match against The Ring General.

#4. Shotzi and Raquel Rodriguez earn a major victory

Ronda Rousey will join forces with Shayna Baszler to take on Shotzi and Raquel Rodriguez in a tag team match on Friday night. However, this may not end too well for the Rousey-Baszler duo, as the babyfaces may walk out with a major victory.

Given Shotzi is scheduled to face Ronda Rousey for the SmackDown Women's Championship at Survivor Series WarGames, WWE can't afford to make her look weak just a day before the event. Hence, fans can expect The BlackHeart to show character to earn her team a win.

The creative team could also protect The Baddest Woman on the Planet by having Baszler take the pin on the upcoming show.

#3. Bray Wyatt vs. LA Knight is announced for Survivor Series WarGames

Bray Wyatt showed up on the previous edition of WWE SmackDown to apologize to LA Knight for headbutting him to the ground. However, this ended with the latter slapping The Eater of Worlds twice.

Later in the show, Knight was found lying on the floor after an apparent attack off-camera. While it hasn't been confirmed yet, Wyatt looks likely to be the man behind the attack, which could be revealed in the upcoming episode of the blue brand.

Given their ongoing feud, WWE could announce a high-profile match between the duo for Survivor Series WarGames on Friday.

#2. Drew McIntyre & Sheamus win the advantage for their team


Drew McIntyre and Sheamus are set to lock horns with The Usos in a WarGames advantage match on the upcoming episode of WWE SmackDown.

However, expect this to turn south sooner rather than later, as potential interferences from The Bloodline, The Brawling Brutes & Kevin Ownes seem highly likely. Nonetheless, expect the babyface duo to beat the odds to prevail over their rivals, earning an entry advantage for their team.

This could, however, end in chaos as another brawl between the two teams could be on the cards on Friday night.

#1. Becky Lynch returns

She could also appear on this week's #SmackDown!#WWE #BeckyLynch

Bianca Belair is scheduled to reveal her team's fifth and final member for the Women's WarGames match on the upcoming episode of WWE SmackDown. While several names have been making the rounds, Becky Lynch seems ahead in the race.

According to recent reports, Big Time Becks could be revealed as the final member on the babyface side. If WWE doesn't delay the reveal until Survivor Series, then the former Women's Champion could make her blockbuster return to the company on Friday night.

Given Lynch is rumored to face Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 39, expect her to be made exclusive to the blue brand upon her return.

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