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5 things other WWE Superstars revealed about CM Punk

Riju Dasgupta
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CM Punk was a polarizing figure, and others had a lot to say about him
CM Punk was a polarizing figure, and many superstars had a lot to say about him

It's been years since CM Punk walked away from WWE, but it's impossible to shake all traces of him from the current product. After all, hordes of fans still chant for him, even though he's made the UFC and the octagon his brand new stage of choice.

We know that a majority of the WWE Universe loves him to bits. We know a lot of them still miss him, and how! What did his fellow superstars think of him, as a competitor and a human being?

This article chronicles some of their thoughts and feelings. If you are a CM Punk fan, you'll not want to miss these entertaining stories.

Without further ado, grab your popcorn and skim through these entertaining tales.

#5 Punk once thought Jericho was unprofessional

The year was 2010. The United States was facing Canada in a hockey game that Jericho was really interested in watching. Now, Punk and Jericho were teaming up to face John Morrison and Edge, in a tag team match on the same night. Canada, Jericho's home team, scored just as his music was playing.

Jericho and Edge, both huge hockey fans assumed that the match would just be called in the ring. Except Punk would not tag Jericho in, through the course of the match. He thought that Jericho had been far too unprofessional, following the hockey game ahead of their match.

Of course, things really got heated up backstage when Jericho returned to get into CM Punk's face. Jericho's argument was that fans may have paid to see Y2J in action, and Punk robbed that opportunity from these big-time Jerichoholics.

This story is just testament to the fact that Punk would be difficult to work with, if things weren't necessarily going his way. However, it was this headstrong attitude that endeared fans to him as well. Punk was quite a character. Yes, both in and out of the squared circle.

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