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5 Things Shawn Michaels Can Do When He Returns Next Week

Riju Dasgupta
10.36K   //    28 Aug 2018, 11:11 IST

Why is the Heart Break Kid coming back to WWE?
Why is the Heart Break Kid coming back to WWE?

It's always great to see Shawn Michaels return to WWE. After all, many consider him to be the best in-ring performer in the company's history. Shawn Michaels perfected the art of telling stories in the ring at a time when the in-ring product wasn't even given its due importance. He rightfully is dubbed as a true living legend.

And now he finds himself embroiled in the upcoming match between Triple H and The Undertaker. What could be in store for fans when he shows up on RAW? I can only speculate in this article, for now.

Feel free to speculate away in the comments section below. Why do you folks think that Shawn Michaels may be making his way to RAW, next week?

Here are 5 possibilities that I deem very likely indeed.

#5 To give Roman Reigns the rub as champion

Could Michaels help Reigns defeat this heel alliance?
Could Michaels help Reigns defeat this heel alliance?

This week, we saw a heel alliance form between Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre at the conclusion of RAW. Even The Shield could not defeat this monstrous alliance, as the heels stood tall and mighty. Maybe Shawn Michaels can help the babyfaces when he arrives next week!

We all know that WWE's brief to all their talent is to perennially make Roman Reigns look strong. Perhaps the thinking could be that even if the audience doesn't accept Reigns at face value, they would certainly cheer for him if Shawn Michaels came to his aid during a match. Michaels could take all the heels out with a Superkick Party (did I just blaspheme here?).

That said, I would certainly pop if I see Michaels hitting a few moves when he does return. Fans, myself included, have wanted to see him in action for a long time, and while this may not be a match, it will still be cool!

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