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5 things that should not happen at Roadblock: End of the Line

When it's time for a PPV event, you never know what's going to happen, but you can know what shouldn't happen. These are 5 of those things.

WWE has to avoid some stupid mistakes on Sunday night

The final pay-per-view of the year for WWE is coming up on Sunday night, and the event looks like it will be a solid show with unsurprising results. This means that WWE may try to toss a curveball at us and actually do some unexpected things.

If they do not do the expected, or if they make some changes in the title picture, it could severely hamper WWE Monday Night RAW going into 2017. A weak show with poor results would be a disastrous way to end what was a very good year for WWE pay-per-view events.

#5 Interference in the Women's Title match

These women have to go one-on-one, one last time

In what is likely to be their final match, Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair need to go out to that ring and spend 30 minutes doing what they do best -- wrestle. No outside interference, no surprise returns to cost somebody a fall, none of that. In the same vein, they should also avoid ref bumps and other compromising situations.

One-on-one, woman versus woman, they need to settle it in the ring once and for all with zero outside factors to account for.

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