5 Things that can happen on Raw after Survivor Series

Raw Slayed Smackdown!
Raw Slayed Smackdown!

#3 Baron Corbin becomes the permanent General Manager of Raw


Baron Corbin became the Acting General Manager on the 20th Aug 2018 episode of Raw. and ever since then, he has been handling the day-to-day operations of the longest running weekly episodic television show.

The show is considered and called the flagship one for the company, and this Sunday Night the show proved why it is called the A-Show. After the clean sweep, it is a possibility that the Commissioner of Raw would promote her employee for her team's outstanding performance at the brand-vs-brand show.

This move would be appreciated by some, while ridiculed by others, and in turn, it shall pave the way for a match between the 'Monster Among Men' and 'The Lone Wolf' at a future episode of Raw.

The bigger question is, will it become a reality? Well we don't have to wait long to find out.