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5 things that could happen on RAW next week

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roman reigns
Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns

WWE likes to pride itself on being unpredictable and throwing its fans for a loop with many twists and turns in their stories throughout each continuing week of television. It also often finds itself in a pattern in which if something is being telegraphed to happen, it will, even if it’s the worst move to make.

RAW is currently in a bit of a holding period, as we are just now closing November and there won’t be another pay-per-view event featuring their Superstars until late January’s Royal Rumble, which is an entire two months away.

With that said, I’m here to look at each episode of Monday Night RAW to consider, based on what happened this week, the twists and turns (or lack thereof) that we might be in for next Monday night.

This week’s episode of RAW wasn’t very riveting, but a few noteworthy occurrences did take place, so let’s look at what may be in store for the future.

#5 Matt Hardy challenges Roman Reigns

bray wyatt
Bray Wyatt Defeats Matt Hardy

On this week’s episode of RAW, Matt Hardy squared off with Bray Wyatt and put up a decent effort in a short match that saw him come up on the losing end. Ever since his brother Jeff went down with an injury, Matt has been lost as a singles competitor, losing more often than he wins and generally finding himself in a state of painful purgatory.

Rumours have continued stating that WWE is closer than ever, or have already secured the rights to start using the “broken” character that Matt created while he and Jeff were wrestling for Impact.

This week after his loss to Wyatt, Matt sat in the corner, dejected, and seemed to ignore the crowd’s cheers and chanting of his name. Instead, he sat still with a glassy look in his eyes, then started to wave his arm in the now famous “delete” motion.

That’s not abnormal for Matt, as he has been doing it since the return of the Hardy Boyz back in April. But this time instead of just doing it once and letting the crowd continue, he waved his arm and shouted “Delete! Delete!” over and over again. It was the first time he did it more than two consecutive times since his return.


Michael Cole claimed that Matt may be having some sort of “breakdown” -- you know, something that might leave a person “broken”, and they cut to commercial.

With Roman Reigns as the new Intercontinental Champion priding himself on consistently defending the title, it would not be surprising to see Matt Hardy take on the open challenge next week in a bid to try to right his course while he still can. He will fail, surely, and losing a high profile, high stakes match is sure to be a much bigger push toward the broken side than a loss in a simple random singles match.

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