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5 things that make Elias a great WWE character

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#2 Elias' position on Monday Night RAW is like The Undertaker on several occasions

Elias & The Undertaker are not alike at all...But they share a small similarity.
Elias and The Undertaker are not alike at all...But they share a small similarity.

That is a bold statement to make. Let's get one thing clear before proceeding any further- Elias is not as huge or as iconic as The Undertaker.

Even The Drifter's character is not similar to that of The Deadman. So what similarity could both of them possibly share?

The Undertaker made his debut in 1984 for World Class Championship Wrestling as Texas Red facing against Bruiser Brody. It is 2018 now. Do the math yourselves.

Many people consider The Phenom as perhaps the greatest wrestler of all time. But what comes off as quite interesting is that "The Show" was never about The Undertaker.

Of course, The Deadman is a four-time WWE Champion and a three-time World Heavyweight Champion. But The Undertaker was rarely the focal point of the show. He always had a special, separate feud for himself.

Elias is nowhere near the legendary status of The Deadman, but The Drifter does have his own segment on the side every week. Sometimes, there are wrestlers like Elias and The Undertaker who can proceed further without leaning on the WWE Championship every time.

This is because their characters speak for themselves. It is "The Show" itself that relies on characters like Elias and Undertaker to stay fresh. Not everybody can be going after the main championship belt.

So what if Elias has never won a title on the main roster? He has a gimmick that's working, and thankfully, it is a gimmick which can evolve on its own without relying on a championship belt too frequently...(just like The Undertaker)

You could say that Elias's position on RAW is a small-scale version of The Undertaker's weekly on-screen dynamic back then...