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5 Things the WWE won't tell you about Charlotte

Marc Madison
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Charlotte and Ric have stood by each others side.

If you've ever heard the name Ashley Fliehr then you probably know who we are referring too. If we liberally change the spelling of her last name to match the pronunciation, it would spell Flair. Today, there is only one Flair that is getting all the attention, even though it is her father that made the family name. 

Ashley competes under the name Charlotte, and during her time with WWE, fans have seen growth and progression in her as a professional and competitor, which shows she is determined not to just get by on her father's name.

What we normally see on WWE programming is the company boasting how a performer has had to overcome a number of challenges to make it where they are today. Charlotte has had to work twice as hard, being the daughter of a legend. 

She has seen a number of ups and downs in her life but has overcome these obstacles to become the success that she is today. Here are a few things the WWE won't tell you about Charlotte.

#5 Made some mistakes before finding herself

It has never come easy for the second generation wrestler. She has faced obstacles throughout her life.

We all make mistakes in life. We learn from them, grow, and move forward with our lives. Before her time in WWE, Charlotte was arrested for an incident in 2008 in North Carolina. The reasons for the incident are said to be tied to not only her but her father Ric and her ex-boyfriend. 

It involved assaulting a police officer during a fight between her boyfriend, and father. Whether she struck the officer in the midst of the skirmish, or while defending her dad or attempting to fight off her boyfriend, isn't quite clear. 

What is clear is that at the end of it all, Charlotte pled guilty to a lesser charge and as a result was sentenced to jail. Thankfully the sentence of 45 days in jail was reduced to supervised probation and a $200 fine. 

life. It is important to acknowledge how she has overcome that incident and not allowed it to define her moving forward. Today, Charlotte appears to be every bit the dedicated professional.

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