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5 things to expect when Triple H takes over WWE

Abid Khan
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Changing the game for the better

Change is the only constant in this world and the same applies to the world of professional wrestling. The fans have evolved in their mindset and appreciate the technicalities that are involved in wrestling today.

There's no denying that Vince McMahon's contribution to the wrestling business has been enormous but it's safe to say that his days as the Chairman of the company are numbered.

Eventually, the business will be handed over to the visionary minds of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. 'The Game' is a firm believer in expanding the business and turning it into a global phenomenon and judging by his creative input in NXT, it's obvious that the company is in safe hands.

There have been rumors surrounding Hunter's role within the company and if these rumours are to be believed, then he will surely take over the WWE sooner rather than later.

Here are five brave choices Triple H could make when he takes over WWE.

#5 Showering equitable spotlight to all the performers

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Will Cesaro ever grab the brass ring?

WWE has the most stacked roster in history today and while there are a lot of talented superstars killing it on the main roster, some superstars are still waiting for their moment. Superstars like Cesaro, Bayley and Bray Wyatt are being totally wasted under Vince McMahon but Triple H's inclusion could genuinely shift things around.

A superstar like Bayley who became the heart and soul of the women's division has been reduced to the extent of a glorified jobber and that hurts the credibility of the main event superstar.

'The Game' could change the whole narrative surrounding these under-rated characters and, would definitely give them the spotlight they rightfully deserve when he takes over.


McMahon does have a quixotic approach to this business but his extreme concentration on the poster boys have reduced the possibility of pushing other guys. Triple H could excel in this department considering how brilliant NXT has become under his umbrella.

The Game could make some notable changes to the current booking of these characters and turn them into profitable athletes.

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