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5 things we learned from Kurt Angle's Reddit AMA

Some interesting revelations from Angle's AMA, including planned matches that ultimately fell through and a certain milk-based scandal...

Kurt Angle during his prime in WWE

As one of the biggest names in the history of the pro wrestling, there isn’t a great deal that we don’t know about Kurt Angle.

Having started his career with the most-famed company in the game, his rise through the ranks has been charted for anyone and everyone to see. Even his first official WWE match took place in Detroit’s esteemed Joe Louis Arena in front of some 18,735 fans.

Since then, he’s scarcely been out of the limelight, whether it be by way of appearing on The Conan O'Brien Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, or in features on Sports Illustrated amidst allegations of performance-enhancing drug use.

Add in the fact that he was an Olympic Champion before all of this began, and there aren’t too many stones left unturned in terms of Angle’s professional life.

That being said, this past week saw Angle take part in a Reddit AMA, in which he afforded fans a taste of some of the lesser known stories from his lengthy pro wrestling career.

From matches that came close to falling through to others that were scrapped altogether, as well as some personal highlights from a near-two-decade career, here are five things that we learned from Kurt Angle’s Reddit AMA.

#1 Milk-o-mania was a lie!

Kurt Angle sprays the Alliance with milk

One of Kurt Angle’s most memorable segments in WWE came in August of 2001 when the Olympian delivered his own personal parody of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s beer truck stunt.

Whilst feuding with the Alliance, and with his rivals conveniently gathered in the ring, Angle drove a milk truck to ringside, where he proceeded to spray milk on Austin and company as they stood in the ring.

Except, it wasn’t really milk.

In another revelation from Angle’s AMA, he spoke of how the concoction with which he hosed down the Alliance was in fact “water with white food colouring.” It’s good in a way, that it wasn’t real milk, seeing as the stench of a milk-soaked ring is just about the last thing the company would have wanted to deal with.

Of course, that’s something Angle would soon find out about first-hand.

Having chugged a couple of milk cartons himself—which did indeed contain real milk—he then had to catch a flight back home that very same night whilst still wearing the same shoes that were now stained with sour milk, much to the disgust of his fellow passengers. Nice.

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