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5 Things we learned from Tony Khan about AEW

Karan Bedi
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7.91K   //    28 Apr 2019, 23:13 IST

#4 AEW TV will be advertiser-friendly

AEW will be a healthy alternative
AEW will be a healthy alternative

Chris Van Vliet brought up the comparison of WCW and ECW and Tony Khan replied that he doesn't want to be compared to any other wrestling company and they will be doing something very different and assuringly, that they will be a major alternative, a second company with great production value, best matches, etc, outside of WWE in 20 years.

Chris Van Vliet also asked about if AEW will contain the edginess of ECW, Tony Khan responded by saying:

I think we are doing some edgy things. I think what you see on our social media will not necessarily be what you're going to see in our television product, which I do expect to be more advertiser-friendly than ECW...but that doesn't mean we won't push the envelope.

This is an important point as Being The Elite is what caught the attention of the wrestling fanbase as it had a blend of storylines, behind-the-scenes intrigue, and just plain old fun. This makes sense that at the end of the day, wrestling is a business and the bottom line is what matters.