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5 things WWE can learn from ECW

Riju Dasgupta
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Sometimes the solution to the most pressing issue is on your own network

WWE is in an unfortunate situation right now! Each week, we bring you troubled tidings of how ratings are falling to new depths for the company, due to a jaded product, the lack of must-see television, and the absence of genuine stars on the roster.

While the company is profitable, these are dangerous signs for a company that was once the talk of the town, across millions of households. We believe that the answer to resuscitating the product lies on the WWE Network. Very simply, ECW!

While we understand that in WWE’s corporate environment, many aspects of ECW cannot be incorporated and carried out, we strongly feel that there are certain aspects of ECW that WWE can learn, imbibe and embrace into their current television product.

Here are some examples of the same.

#5 Giving the fans what they want

The loyalty that ECW fans have for the product even today, is truly astounding

WWE and ECW are both at two totally different ends of the spectrum. While the essential product is similar, the output is so dissimilar, that it would be unfair to dub one chalk and the other cheese. One of the biggest differences, at least in today’s day and age, is how WWE fans often hijack the show when they find it boring and how ‘ECW’ is still chanted in WWE arenas with much fondness, to this day.

ECW is at heart, a product that catered to the fans and gave them what they wanted. While WWE fans have longed for changes in the product for many years now, their complaints seem to fall on deaf ears every time. 

If WWE wants its fans to be invested in the company, the creative team needs to tune into the WWE Network and see how the ECW programming was extremely fast-paced, relevant to the times and just what the crowd wanted.

ECW seemed like a brand ‘of the fans’, while WWE just seems like a corporate powerhouse distancing itself from its many fans, with every passing week.

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