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5 things WWE could have done differently on this week's RAW 

  • This week's episode of Monday Night RAW was a hit and miss.
  • After SmackDown, RAW emanated from the Performance Center for the first time.
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Modified 17 Mar 2020, 20:44 IST


After a decent episode of SmackDown last week, WWE managed to follow it up with a below-par RAW at the Performance Center.

The show started with Edge issuing a challenge to Randy Orton for WrestleMania 36 before we saw the re-run of the Royal Rumble Match. The contract signing between AJ Styles and The Undertaker took place, which ended in Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson on the mat and the contract stuffed in Anderson's mouth.

Rey Mysterio defeated Andrade, while Becky Lynch delivered a powerful promo in the build-up to her match against Shayna Baszler. After that, Kevin Owens challenged Seth Rollins to a match at The Show of Shows. The main event saw Stone Cold Steve Austin deliver a couple of stunners on Byron Saxton before Becky Lynch came out and cracked open a couple of beers with the Texas Rattlesnake.

Here, we are going to suggest the five things WWE could have done differently on Monday Night RAW.

#5 Some more matches

Besides the 2020 Royal Rumble Match re-run and Rey Mysterio vs Andrade, all we saw on this week's RAW were promos. The essential element about weekly episodes of Professional Wrestling is to balance out the entertainment part with the sports but that didn't happen this week and it left a sour taste.

Instead of the one hour long Royal Rumble match rerun, it would have been better if we saw some Superstars involved in singles contests, as frankly, no one really wants to watch bout that they have already seen, live.

Furthermore, there were far too many promos on Monday night RAW this week and it became quite monotonous and boring, towards the end.


#4 Edge's promo

Just like last week, Edge's focus was Randy Orton as the Rated-R Superstar proposed a Last Man Standing Match at WrestleMania 36. While the promo felt awesome, it would have been better if Orton was standing inside the ring.

Without the live audience present, there was nobody to talk to for Edge and only if he had Orton to look in the eye, that promo would have been a delight to watch. Just imagine The Viper soaking up everything that's coming his way and then replying, only the way he can.

Even if someone was conducting his interview, it would have made for a better viewing experience.

#3 Same old from Becky Lynch

The beginning of the rivalry between Shayna Baszler and Becky Lynch was great but since Elimination Chamber, we haven't seen many exciting things with regards to this feud.

This week, again, Becky Lynch delivered a promo against Baszler which sounded very similar to what we saw last week. Lynch warned The Queen of Spades, in her trademark fashion - looking like a bad***. But, it would have been better to see Lynch face someone instead of cutting a promo similar to last week's.

We haven't seen The Man wrestle on RAW for quite some time now and that should happen at least once before WrestleMania 36.

#2 Andrade pinned again

Why is Andrade, the United States Champion, pinned so regularly on weekly RAW episodes?

Not long ago, Andrade was on an incredible run but ever since he came back from his 30-day suspension, the United States Champion has lost more matches than he has won. One thought that after he defeated Humberto Carrillo at Elimination Chamber, WWE would try to build some momentum for him this week but instead, he was beaten clean by Rey Mysterio.

What this suggests is that Mysterio might, again, be inserted into the United States Championship picture. WWE could have done this in many ways but letting Andrade lose clean to Mysterio perhaps wasn't the best way to go about.

#1 Stone Cold Steve Austin's segment

The main event on this week's RAW felt a lot like filler content. Whenever Stone Cold Steve Austin shows up on a WWE show, it instantly becomes better to watch but unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the 16th March episode of Monday Night RAW. The segment could have been done differently, especially the ending.

Towards the end, we saw Becky Lynch come out and celebrate with Austin, which could have been the perfect time for Shayna Baszler to make her presence felt and attack not only Lynch but also The Rattlesnake. The Queen of Spades getting one over Austin and The Man would have cemented her reputation.

This would have also established Lynch as the underdog and that should be the way to go as The Man is at her best when her back is against the wall.

Published 17 Mar 2020, 20:44 IST
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