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5 things WWE does better than UFC

Here's why millions of WWE fans tune in every week, despite the fact that UFC is picking steam!

WWE continues to hold fort against UFC for these reasons

It’s no secret that WWE viewership is falling. However, even at its worst, millions of fans tune in to watch professional wrestling on a weekly basis because sports entertainment is still a way of life for hundreds across the globe.

While detractors describe WWE as ‘fake fighting’ and ‘staged combat’, fans still pack stadiums to watch these men and women lay it all on the line and send them back home, bearing a world of fond memories.

What are the factors that have caused WWE to remain such a cherished form of entertainment for fans even in 2017? Team Sportskeeda investigates the same. 

#5 Unique characters

It’ll be a while before we see cult leaders in the octagon

WWE very openly admits the fact that while it does have elements of sports, it is also an entertainment venture. As a result of the same, we have seen a variety of interesting characters in sports entertainment history through time.

While UFC does have its share of colourful characters such as Conor McGregor, it’s not the same as The Undertaker playing a dead man out for violent retribution. Similarly, while Ronda Rousey may be an intriguing personality, she isn’t nearly as strange as a flame demon from Hell like Kane.

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Granted, some people find this rather ‘cartoony’ aspect of sports entertainment ridiculous; but it connects with fans who want a fantasy gateway from the rigours of the real world. In sports entertainment, they find their escape.  

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