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5 things WWE must accomplish with the John Cena versus 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt feud 

  • This is how WWE makes The Fiend versus John Cena special!
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Modified 03 Mar 2020, 13:07 IST

The Fiend versus John Cena. Who wins?
The Fiend versus John Cena. Who wins?

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The Fiend challenged John Cena to a match at WrestleMania 36, and while it wasn't the blockbuster feud fans had been hoping for, it is still a promising sign for the character's future. Believe it or not, it is also a chance for the company to reshape the narrative of what happened to The Fiend at Super ShowDown and remind everyone just why The Fiend was so special.

Of course, that's not all going to happen over the course of one WrestleMania feud and will probably take months to build up that momentum again, but facing John Cena is a good start. If WWE does this feud right and follows it up with something even more meaningful, it could be a bit of a second chance for The Fiend character.

With that being said and the countdown on for The Fiend versus John Cena, here are five things WWE must accomplish during the feud. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to tell us what you think the company can do to make this feud special.

#5 Set up The Fiend for the future

What does the future hold for The Fiend?
What does the future hold for The Fiend?

It's no secret that The Fiend losing to Goldberg was a huge blow to the character, but it is by no means the end of arguably the company's greatest creation. With that being said and a match with John Cena on the horizon, WWE needs to make sure they use this to set up the character for the foreseeable future.

Whether that be by an outright dominating win or an instant classic that flips the script on the typical John Cena match, the point is to make sure that The Fiend comes out of the match looking like gold. At least that way, he has built his momentum back up, got a key win at WrestleMania, and has a variety of options heading into the future.

In the end, the one thing the company needs to do is remind fans why they love The Fiend and why they should care about him. That's not going to be very hard to do, especially with a lot of fans still behind the supernatural creature, but they need to do something to remind those that were discouraged by his loss at Super ShowDown.

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Published 01 Mar 2020, 14:55 IST
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