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5 Things WWE Must Do Next Week On Monday Night Raw

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What will unfold next week on Monday Night Raw?
What will unfold next week on Monday Night Raw?

What happens next?

As cliche as that phrase might sound to pro wrestling fans it has to be what a great number of them are asking themselves after what transpired in throughout Monday Night Raw. In fact, between Roman Reigns announcing he had cancer, Braun Strowman turning babyface and Dean Ambrose turning on Seth Rollins, they have to be at least a little excited about the future.

With that being said, how should WWE capitalize on all this and what should they do moving forward to make sure things go smoothly in Roman Reigns' absence. While its impossible to have all the answers to those very important questions, there are some things WWE could do to try to maintain the momentum they created this week on Raw.

As always let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to tell us what you think WWE needs to do after a very emotional Monday Night Raw this week. Also, tell us what your favourite memory of Roman Reigns' career has been so far and if you think he will eventually return to the ring or not.

#5 Announce Seth Rollins' injury


As crazy as it seems to write WWE's second biggest babyface off of television a week after losing Roman Riegns for the foreseeable future, an injury is the only way to sell the effects of what Ambrose did to Rollins and will also set up Rollin's eventual return. Furthermore, this gives WWE the element of surprise for Rollin's eventual return.

In the end, WWE needs to let this feud simmer a little bit to help keep The WWE Universe on their toes, which is exactly why an injury storyline would be great for Rollins right now! Not only does it open up a lot of storyline options in the short term, but it also allows WWE to raise the stakes once Rollins does return.

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