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5 things WWE must do to appeal to young fans

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What can WWE do to bring in teenage fans?
What can WWE do to bring in teenage fans?

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Is WWE in trouble?

While the company has been on an uptick lately, they are still being plagued by the missing fan base that gave up on the product during the PG Era. Interestingly enough, it now appears WWE is ditching that Era of programming and trying to reach younger audiences with edgier content again. It also seems like WWE is willing to do anything necessary to achieve this outcome and are even ready to think outside of the box to do so!

That doesn't mean that WWE is failing or is on the ropes by any means, but it does point to the company being in transition and in search of a younger audience. It's just a fact of life that people move on to other things and the company is simply preparing for the future with open arms.

With that being said and WWE making it clear that the PG Era is behind them, here are five things WWE must do in order to appeal to younger audiences. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to tell us what the company can do to bring in younger fans.

#5 Showcase the Firefly Funhouse

The Firefly Funhouse could be a cash cow for WWE!
The Firefly Funhouse could be a cash cow for WWE!

There's just something about watching WWE when you're young and impressionable. One minute, you're watching what you believe to be a normal segment and the next thing you know, Shane McMahon is luring Kane backstage into a limo and sending him into a semi-truck. The show then goes to break, leaving fans with their jaws dropped in amazement.

That was one of the fundamental moments that got me into WWE and it's the kind of thing WWE needs to start trying again. They also need to realize that they have a great thing going with The Firefly Fun House segments and must capitalize on it with something spectacular.

Think about it! It's obviously aimed at kids with the intent of showing terror in plain sight and brainwashing in children's programming. It also happens to be one of the most organic things WWE has done in a while. In all honesty, WWE has really captured lightning in a bottle with the Firefly Funhouse and owes it to themselves to see where they can go with it.

Why not just go all out?

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