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5 things WWE subtly told us on RAW Reunion (June 22nd, 2019)

  • RAW Reunion was crazy from start to finish and here are a few things WWE subtly told us!
Rohit Nath
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Modified 23 Jul 2019, 10:36 IST
John Cena opened the show
John Cena opened the show

WWE RAW Reunion turned out to be a much bigger success than anticipated. While there was undoubtedly a lot of skepticism over the over-obsession with nostalgia, WWE did a decent job with the entire show.

While it did start off rather slow, the pace picked up in a big way and it felt as though some storylines genuinely progressed through the course of the 3 hours. The show had a somewhat surprising ending as well, with no angle to top it off. It was simply 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin cutting an unscripted promo about the WWE family and raising a toast with the legends to this family. There were no stunners, no shenanigans or anything of the sort.

It was simply a feel-good ending to close the show and with that, we take one step closer to SummerSlam. Here are a few things WWE subtly told us on the show.

#5. The OCs are going to be around for a while

Thankfully not buried!
Thankfully not buried!

At WWE RAW Reunion, AJ Styles reformed The Club and named them "The OC", i.e, The Original Club. They were given the faction name and were nearly even given the faction-burial treatment at the hands of DX, but thankfully, that wasn't the case.

AJ Styles was protected via a DQ and The OC went away when DX and the nWo members Kevin Nash and Scott Hall came out, rather than getting attacked by all of them and buried right away.

WWE was very smart with this, knowing that AJ Styles is an important player for them. What seems to be clear is that now that there really isn't much of a brand split and that Styles is on RAW, the OC is going to last a while. It's certainly going to last longer than The Club did back in 2016.

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Published 23 Jul 2019, 09:05 IST
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