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5 Things WWE wants you to forget about The Shield

You will never forget The Shield, but WWE would rather you forget these five things about them.

The Shield is one of the greatest factions

The stable comprising of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns will undoubtedly go down as one of the most dominant factions in history. They were as close to perfection as anyone could get – anything and everything Shield was money and gold. For two years the trio graced fans with some great moments and amazing matches to boot.

Fans loved the Hounds of Justice and were devastated when the faction split in 2014. However, all three men have done well for themselves, as all three have been WWE World Heavyweight Champions after their Shield days. They also have other accolades to their names, adding to their accomplishments as they continue to create their own legacies. 

But behind the brothers in arms facade, there lay a lot of imperfections along the way too. While they were the perfect team, each man himself is flawed. Whether it was the men themselves, or WWE’s inconsistent booking, the trio have been some bumps along the road. 

Of course, the body of work The Shield produced will always outweigh all the bad that accompanies them. However, if the company had their way, they would hope that fans forget these five things when it comes to Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns.

#1  Reigns just an afterthought?

Punk’s comments about Reigns sparked controversy and rumors of animosity

When CM Punk decided to break his silence on The Art of Wrestling podcast with Colt Cabana, it was a huge deal, considering the controversy that surrounded his exit from the company. Not only did Punk spill the juicy details that fans were clamouring for, but he also went the extra mile when The Shield was brought up. 

During the podcast, Punk revealed that Reigns was not in the original lineup of The Shield. He claimed that when the idea for The Shield was created, he pitched the idea that Chris Hero (Kassius Ohno in NXT) should be the third man next to Ambrose and Rollins.

This admission certainly did not help the case of Reigns at all, who has since struggled to get over with the fans despite himself. If anything else, it was a confirmation to fans that Reigns was indeed the one handpicked to be one of WWE’s top guys. 

The podcast fueled the fire of fans turning against Reigns, as all three men were just starting out on their solo WWE runs. 

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