5 things you did not know about Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly was quite popular during her time on WWE TV
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Every era has a prominent female wrestler(s) around whom the WWE Women's division is built. While it was Sable during the mid-1990s, Trish and Lita dominated the division from the millennium till around 2006.

Their departures from the company at around the same time followed by the release of Mickie James in 2010 led to the WWE looking at new faces to carry the division.

Many superstars tried and failed but the one who succeeded in filling the popular babyface role in the WWE was Kelly Kelly. From 2011-12, Kelly was the undoubted star of the Women's division with the fans developing a liking to her.

She might possibly be the last from the 'Diva' era of the WWE to be pushed to the top. A neck injury led to her release in 2012, but she has remained relevant even after her first run in the company.

This list takes a look at five things you might not know about Kelly Kelly.

#1 She is one of the main leads of reality show WAGS

Kelly (second from the right) is among the main cast of WAGS

Kelly has remained high profile even after her release from the WWE in 2012 - mostly due to her dating and then marrying former ice hockey player Sheldon Souray. This led to her getting cast as one of the main leads of E! network reality show 'WAGS'.

WAGS looks at the personal and professional lives of partners of prominent sportspersons. The first season premiered in August 2015 and the show has been renewed for a third season.

The series has been fairly successful, leading to two spin-offs WAGS Miami and WAGS Atlanta.

#2 She is still employed by the WWE

Kelly Kelly
She is still employed by the WWE

People might not realise this - but Kelly Kelly is still employed by the WWE. She was re-hired in February 2017 in an ambassador role.

She appeared at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony and was also present at Wrestlemania Axxess. While a return to the squared circle is still a possibility, it seems that Kelly would continue in her ambassador role for the time being - alongside the likes of Eve Torres and Brie Bella.

Her last appearance on the WWE network was on an episode of Table for 3 along with Torres and Maryse.

#3 She was in a relationship with Test

Kelly Kelly with Test and his family
Kelly Kelly with Test and his family

Test is one of the forgotten stars of the WWE. A former Intercontinental, European and Tag team Champion, he was a popular mid-card act during the Attitude era.

Test and Kelly were involved in a relationship for nearly two and a half years from 2007-09. They met during Test's return to the WWE in 2007 and were together even after his release from the company.

Test would pass away in 2009 from an accidental overdose and it was Kelly - who had broken up with him a few months prior - whom the authorities called first to inform of the matter.

#4 She is a former Divas Champion

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Kelly Kelly is a former Divas Champion

Kelly might just be the last woman to win the Divas/Women's title based on her looks more than her skills in the ring. Never the most talented wrestler in the ring, Kelly captured the Divas title during her golden year in the WWE - 2011 by beating Brie Bella.

She had a lengthy reign - defeating Brie as well as Beth Phoenix (twice) before losing the title to Phoenix at the 2012 Hell in a Cell.

Kelly's reign lasted 104 days and exceeded the expectations of fans and management alike.

#5 Vince McMahon demonstrated the 'exhibitionist' dance routine to her

Kelly Kel<p>
Kelly Kelly started her WWE career with the Extreme Expose gimmick

Kelly first appeared on WWE TV as part of the ECW roster. Debuting at just 19, her gimmick was that of an exhibitionist, performing a striptease for the crowd. Her stripping became a weekly segment called Extreme Expose which was always cut short by her jealous boyfriend Mike Knox.

Kelly revealed that it was Vince McMahon who first showed her the routine for her segment, gyrating around a chair.

The segments lasted for nearly two years and solidified Kelly's position as a fan favourite - even though it is unlikely for us to see something like that in today's WWE.

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