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5 things you may have forgotten about Emma

Riju Dasgupta
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Let's take a look back at Emma's career and life
Let's take a look back at Emma's career and life

WWE Superstar Emma was released from her contract on 29th October 2017, after a career that seemed to have far more potential as compared to how it turned out. One glance at her, and one could easily see that she certainly had a great look.

She was no slouch in the ring either after years of wrestling in the independent circuit. Emma was, in many ways, the complete package. Unfortunately, WWE did not agree with her horde of vocal fans that urged the company to give Emma a chance.

We're certain that she's far from done, but her current chapter in WWE has come to a close, for now. As a tribute to her her contribution in WWE, let's glance back at her career and examine the highlights from it.

Here are five things that you may have forgotten about Emma.

#5 Emma won 64% of her main roster matches

Considering how often we've seen Emma take the pin on WWE television, we had believed that her win-loss record should favour the 'losses' column far more than the 'wins' column. It turns out, instead, that Emma has a pretty solid number of wins.

The Internet Wrestling Database reveals that across 203 matches in the main roster, Emma has won 130 contests, which means that she has taken the victory in 64% of her matches. To put things in perspective, Chris Jericho has only won 47% percent of his main roster WWE matches.

Maybe WWE did give Emma a chance, but for various reasons, she could not get herself over enough? Unfortunately, looking back at Emma's career can only make us think of what could have been, had it panned out the way it should have. In any case, hindsight is always twenty-twenty.

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