5 things you should know about Liv Morgan

Let's learn a little about Liv
Let's learn a little about Liv

Liv Morgan has an amazing mantra of "Ya Only Liv Once" which is evident not only by how she works in the ring by how intense she tackles every situation she's in. There's a passion for the pro wrestling business held deep within Liv Morgan's fighting spirit and she's been a standout in NXT.

Although she might have never seen a main event on NXT television or at a TakeOver Special, Liv Morgan has accomplished a lot and has plenty to prove.

If you've ever seen her perform you know she's capable of some great things. So don't let Liv Morgan's cuteness fool you because she's plenty impressive and more than capable of handling herself in the ring.

While we're at it, let's explore five things you should know about one of the newest additions to the SmackDown women's roster.

#5 She's a former backyard wrestler

She's taken some incredible bumps before she was even trained
She's taken some incredible bumps before she was even trained

Yes, we're going to talk about backyard wrestling. And no, you should never try this at home because WWE Superstars are trained professionals. But the fact is, without the art of locking up in your backyard, the pro wrestling bug might have never bit Liv Morgan.

She grew up in backyard wrestling with her four older brothers and younger sister which means she learned how to take a bump early in her life. Odds are she put herself in some pretty unsafe situations as well because isn't that what backyard wrestling is all about?

Morgan described her first experiences in backyard wrestling by discussing everything she was game for which is a trait she hasn't lost to this day.

She willingly took pedigrees and powerbombs thinking of it as her job even before she was getting paid to do it. She pretended to be Lita and embodied her tomboy identity even before she adopted the gimmick on a bigger stage.

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