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5 times an injury revived a wrestling career

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Dean Ambrose's nine-month layoff puts a damper on the SHIELD Reunion but might just be a blessing for the lunatic fringe.

The WWE Universe was dealt a huge blow on last night's Monday Night RAW with the announcement that resident lunatic Dean Ambrose is not only injured but expected to be out of action for a whopping nine months.

The iron man of the company, Dean had been wrestling the most matches without a break since 2014 up to 2015. It was a bumper year for the Lunatic that resulted in a push up the card, with a Wrestlemania match against Brock Lesnar and a WWE Title reign capped off by sealing the victory in the much anticipated Shield triple threat match.

Since then, after a good main event stint on Smackdown Live; Dean has pretty much floundered, losing a smidge of fan support in the process. The dark horse of the Shield will now seek redemption on his way back.

Once a superstar returns from heavy injury, the return is met with roars and in Dean's case, we know it'll be true. However, the hope is the cheers will be short-lived, allowing Ambrose to surprise us with his psychotic side he has so far suppressed.

Regardless of the result of his return, Dean will be rejuvenated, fresh and most importantly the fans will embrace him ten fold than the current growing apathy. It might not be the best, but in many ways, an injury is a fine blessing for a wrestler.

Don't believe me?

Here are some examples...

#5 Edge returns with a vengeance

Edge's glorious 2004 return would both be the beginning and end of an unprecedented main event run!
Edge's glorious 2004 return would both be the beginning and end of an unprecedented main event run!

Considering he ended his career due to a neck injury, this might be a bit insensitive. Yet the constant push and pull of Edge's long winding career to the top, came with a massive and heartbreaking injury that became the turning point of his changing fortunes.

Prior to No Way Out in 2003, Edge suffered a severe neck injury (unfortunately the first of many). In many ways, he was already wrestling on borrowed time since, but the year away brought a rejuvenated man.

Brought to RAW during the interim from Smackdown, Edge returned with a fire and a legion of support that pretty much secured him as a top class babyface. In this time he would go to dominate with Intercontinental and Tag Team reigns. A short injury in between was a hiccup, but it provided the catalyst for a ruthless heel turn that resulted in Edge finally cultivating the persona that would catapult him to the main event.

Seeing the love of fans, then realizing it's just not enough made him obsessed and incensed enough to continue on a warpath that eventually resulted in retirement with eleven World titles and countless other accolades.

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