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5 times fans soured on WWE superstars

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Fans won't love you forever
Fans won't love you forever

Fan support in professional wrestling is a bit of a strange thing. When wrestlers are intentionally trying to make fans either cheer or boo their in-ring characters, it blurs the definition of fans disliking wrestlers. After all, The Miz does exactly what he's supposed to be doing when he incites the WWE Universe to chant against him and his Miztourage.

But, there are times when the fans turn their backs on wrestlers themselves, rather than the characters. Instead of cheering on the heroic babyface, they turn on them instead. We are here to look at some of the most famous examples of this. So, without any further ado, here is our list of five times fans soured on WWE superstars:

#5) Jason Jordan

Jordan has fallen on hard times recently
Jordan has fallen on hard times recently

We'll start with one of the more recent ones here with Jason Jordan. The athletic wrestler built up a reputation as a fan favourite during his time with Chad Gable as a part of American Alpha. The two were adored during their stint in NXT and even retained a lot of support over on Smackdown Live. Then came the Kurt Angle revelation.

Apparently, we are supposed to believe that Jordan is Angle's son and the next big thing in WWE. Except, he really isn't. He's inexperienced in the ring and terrible on the mic. The fans instantly turned against him and it doesn't look like they'll be cheering him on anytime soon.

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