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5 Times John Cena Shockingly Hinted The Future Of WWE 

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Does he deserve more respect?

Recognized worldwide as one of the greatest performers to ever grace a WWE ring, John Cena has managed to gravitate the attention of the audience for more than a decade now.

Since his success came with an undeniable expense, the Cenation Leader spent much of his time in the WWE as the company's golden boy who was heavily criticized for his superheroic mannerisms.

While some of his in-ring work limited his potential, but Big Match John proved all the critics wrong by establishing himself as one of the greatest to ever do it.

Despite ruling the company for more than a decade, the 16-time World Champion has managed to tease the future many times on live television.

Whether it was his work with CM Punk, Edge, or A.J. Styles, there's no denying that the Face that runs the place indeed passed the torch to these independent performers on multiple occasions.

Here are the 5 incredible times John Cena teased the future of WWE on live television

#1 Losing clean to Kevin Owens at the Elimination Chamber to prove a point

The business
The business was changing

There's no denying that John Cena's feud with Kevin Owens became one of the most significant rivalries of the 'New Era', with the latter decimating company's golden boy to make a solid statement.

Considering the size and structure of the former Universal Champion, many fans predicted Owens' being buried on the main roster due to WWE's ideology of pushing 'tough guys'.


However, John Cena took the feud to a completely different level and introduced a genuinely talented individual that was so efficient and unique as a WWE superstar.

The Prizefighter went on to represent NXT and ascended his brand's value by defeating John Cena on his very first match on the main roster, at the Elimination Chamber.

While the fans were expecting something sensational to happen between the two, none of them predicted K.O. pinning John Cena clean in the middle of the ring after delivering one of the most exceptional in-ring bouts.

Judging by how it all transpired, the Cenation Leader's loss established the fact that WWE definitely started acknowledging performers that were more about the talent, and less about the physical stature.

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