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5 times Superstars allegedly refused to follow the script

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were accused of not following the script. Here are 5 other examples of similar instances in wrestling history.


On WWE's most recent European tour, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens were reportedly sent home for not following the script during their segment on SmackDown. Zayn had just lost a match to Kofi Kingston, and both he and Owens were supposed to get back in the ring and take a beating from the New Day. 

Neither Owens or Zayn did get back in the ring, however, and the segments ended up coming off as a little awkward. Whether Owens and Zayn forgot what they were supposed to do or purposely went off script is not currently known.

With the story currently developing, we thought it appropriate to look at five times wrestlers refused to follow the script and what the consequences ended up being for them.

#5 Gail Kim quits WWE during a battle royal (2011)

The recently retired Gail Kim made a truly incredible exit from her WWE career.

On the August 01, 2011, edition of Monday Night Raw, Kim was scheduled to take part in a battle royal. She was apparently feeling frustrated with how the women were being portrayed on WWE programming at the time, and when she was instructed to be eliminated from the battle royal in under a minute, Kim decided her WWE career was over.

Shortly after the battle royal started, Kim eliminated herself and quit WWE. She would go on to finish her career with Impact Wrestling.

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