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5 times the wrong superstar won Money in the Bank

  • Winning Money in the Bank isn't always a guarantee of success.
Harry Kettle
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Modified 01 Apr 2020, 17:29 IST

Who shouldn
Who shouldn't have captured the briefcase?

The Money in the Bank briefcase was once an honour that was bestowed upon mid-carders who were awaiting a push into the main event scene. Over the last few years, however, that blueprint has been altered to the point where nobody really knows what's going to happen on a year by year basis. Sometimes the winner is predictable, whereas in these instances you're left thinking "wait, what?".

The contract holder should always be someone who is ready, willing and able to carry the torch forward before eventually cashing in - and that isn't always the case. That isn't to say we don't love watching some of these superstars perform, but at the time of their big win, it just didn't sit right with us.

So with that being said, here are five times the wrong superstar won Money in the Bank.

#1 Baron Corbin

Poor Baron
Poor Baron

Baron Corbin's MITB win felt inevitable, mainly because it was clear to see that the company were interested in him as a potential main eventer. Still, we didn't think they'd manage to botch the cash-in quite so badly, as he was defeated by Jinder Mahal so quickly and with such ease that it felt like the biggest waste of the briefcase in a long, long time.

Corbin hasn't quite been able to recover, and we're left to wonder whether or not it would've been a better idea to have Sami Zayn win the match. He could've mistimed his cash-in, which would've served as the main catalyst behind his eventual heel turn at Hell in a Cell. They could've really built towards that moment because, at the time, it just didn't sit right with us.

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Published 15 May 2018, 21:55 IST
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