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5 times the WWE let down the fans

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WWE has a track record of disappointing fans
WWE has a track record of disappointing fans

Over its entire existence, it’s fair to say the WWE has provided as many ups as downs. And I suppose that’s why we all love professional wrestling so much. It has the potential to send us into euphoria whilst also holding the power to depress us for weeks on end.

With the social media era in full effect, there has never been an easier time for fans to voice their dissenting opinion on the company’s product. Trending hashtags are a platform in which fans can share their opinions with other fans, in front of the whole world.

Recently, the WWE has given the fans plenty of reasons to complain, because they’ve let down the fans on several occasions. They’ve disappointed us through cutting short wrestler’s pushes, giving us the wrong match finishes and above all, showing a blatant disregard for the fans.

Here are five times the WWE let fans down. 

#5 Braun Strowman burial in Riyadh

Braun Strowman has now lost 17 PPV matches
Braun Strowman has now lost 17 PPV matches

The Monster among men was meant to be the one to rival Roman Reigns for the undisputed top guy position. Braun Strowman was pushed through the roof throughout the backend of 2017 through to 2018. It seemed like a matter of time before he would conquer Brock Lesnar, instead, Lesnar has now beaten Strowman on several occasions. The worst of those defeats happened at Crown Jewel 2018.

Many fans branded this as the last chance saloon for Braun Strowman’s main event career. It was either he won the Universal title here or we’d stop investing any emotion in him. And the WWE showed their hand in the manner of his defeat too. Strowman ate countless F5s, in a match that barely lasted more than ten minutes. In essence, it was a squash match on a larger scale and ever since that day, the monster amongst men has never ever looked the same. 

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