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5 times TNA insulted WWE

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TNA has taken several jabs at WWE in the past
TNA has taken several jabs at WWE in the past

Like in any other industry, competition in professional wrestling is essential. It not only forces organisations to put on a better product but also gives the performers the flexibility of accepting better deals from wrestling companies.

Back in the 90’s during the Monday Night Wars, the professional wrestling industry witnessed its greatest period. The product put on by the companies was far superior to what we see now. While monopolising the industry makes good sense business, for the industry to thrive, it is of utmost importance to have multiple promotions compete against each other.

We’ve seen in the past that organisations aren’t shy when it comes to knocking their competition. From the ‘Billionaire Ted’ skits put on by WWE to WCW giving away the ending of Mankind-Rock encounter for the WWE title, the promotions have exhibited their ruthlessness when it comes to cementing their claim as the biggest wrestling promotion on the planet.

Today, Impact Wrestling is the number two promotion in North America, but that hasn’t stopped the promotion from taking shots at WWE. In this article, we take a look at five instances when TNA insulted WWE.

#5 Kazarian shoots on Nexus and the WWE Universe

Back in 2010, WWE shook the entire wrestling world when the Nexus faction took out two of the top WWE stars. Wade Barrett led seven other “rookies” from season one of NXT, as they ransacked the RAW set, while taking out John Cena and CM Punk. This led to Nexus becoming the hottest act in professional wrestling at that point, and people over at TNA weren’t too impressed.

Around the same time, Ric Flair paid homage to the Four Horseman stable, by forming the Fortune faction. To emphasise the group’s superiority, Kazarian cut a promo a couple of weeks later, stating that they weren’t “rookies”, but were respected veterans in the business.

To drive the point home, Kazarian then made fun of WWE, calling its fanbase the ‘WWE Universe’, by stating that they were the greatest faction in the TNA Galaxy!

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