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5 times Wade Barrett should've been made World Champion

If you look up the definition of wasted potential in the dictionary it'd say two words - Wade Barrett.

Wade Barrett seemed destined for success

We're afraid we've got some bad news - Wade Barrett was never a World Champion in the WWE.

The former leader of the Nexus was one of the hottest superstars in professional wrestling back in his day, and over the course of his WWE tenure, there were a number of opportunities in which Vince could've pulled the trigger and made him the first ever British WWE Champion.

Unfortunately, that didn't come to fruition. As is the case with so many other talented superstars, Barrett never quite reached the top of the mountain and it's a shame considering how much work he put in on a weekly basis.

Still, he had a pretty solid career so he should be satisfied with that, right?

Wrong. If you're a professional wrestler and you aren't in the business to become the best, then you need to quit. Barrett is a supremely talented competitor who possessed all the tools necessary to succeed at the highest level, and he should have been given the belt on a number of occasions.

People can argue all they want, but the window opened for Mr Bad News several times before he left the company. With that being said, let's take a look at five times Wade Barrett should've been made World Champion.

#1 Survivor Series 2010

Survivor Series 2010
It was set up perfectly for Barrett to become champion

During his time as the leader of The Nexus, Wade Barrett was on fire. The group had dominated ever since their arrival, besides SummerSlam 2010 of course, and were looking set to rise to the top of the WWE food chain.

That all appeared destined to begin at Survivor Series 2010 when Barrett challenged Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. If Barrett didn't walk out with the title then, Cena would be fired, and it seems bizarre to think that it actually happened.

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This was set up perfectly so that Wade could become the WWE Champion and carry the title forward into a future feud with Cena, but instead, we had a case of "same old same old" with Orton retaining and Cena returning after about a week of being fired.

We'll fast forward just a few months for the next entry.

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