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5 times when WWE commentators were attacked

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Often the commentators are attacked in WWE
Often the commentators are attacked in WWE

In WWE or in any other sports entertainment, announcers and commentators play a crucial role in defining the circumstances that revolve around any match, situation or events that might be difficult to interpret for the audiences on their own. Their voice is of vital importance as without them the thrill and excitement, die down, and the audience does not feel glued to stick to that particular game. In short, they are like the salt to the food to make it more edible and creates more impact to the thrill, excitement and thus stimulates more emotion.

However, in WWE time and again the commentators, cameraman, ring announcers and several other technicians have been at the receiving end of wrath from the wrestlers. Sometimes these attacks are a part of the story-lines, sometimes accidentally and many a time out of rage or due to various personal or backstage reasons. In most cases, the wrestlers showcased supremacy, but in a couple of incidents, the commentators fought back too.

Let us have a glimpse at five such incidents where the commentators on WWE received a beat down from the wrestlers.

#5 CM Punk attacking Jerry Lawler

CM Punk has a reputation for insulting the commentators. Be it a verbal abuse or physical thrashing, he has embarked on all of that. He has disrespected Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler and several other non-wrestlers associated with the WWE. One such case was when in 2012 he called Jerry inside the ring and attacked him.

On the August 20th episode of Monday night RAW in 2012, John Cena and CM Punk were having a verbal trading as a part of the story-line for a WWE Championship match between the duo. Despite Punk's repeated insistence, Cena refused to acknowledge CM Punk as 'the best in the world'. Once John Cena left, Punk called Jerry inside the ring. Jerry was asked to apologise and call CM Punk the best. Jerry did apologize but refused to call Punk as the best. While Jerry was leaving, he pushed Punk and this infuriated Punk. Punk immediately delivered a kick to the back of his head (6 min, 35 seconds).

This was followed next week by a steel cage match between both of them. Punk went on to win the match and afterwards again attacked Lawler till Cena came to his rescue.

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