5 times wrestlers destroyed each other's possessions on air

Don’t mess with The Beast (Courtesy WWE)
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Wrestlers destroying each other’s possessions is as old as distraction roll-ups. From Triple H hammering Undertaker’s bike to Stone Cold’s rampages, WWE has over the years used the destroying of possessions as a means to take feuds to a new level. It’s a great way for wresters to heat up feuds and make them important in the eyes of fans.

Wrestlers destroying possessions are a great way for wrestlers to get their intensity and character over to fans. They act as a deviance from the usual promos and make the moment more meaningful.

Over the years destroying of property has created many memorable moments in WWE. Here are 5 times wrestlers destroyed each other’s possessions on air.

5: Chris Jericho destroys Francesca

The New Day at Francesca’s funeral (Courtesy WWE)

Francesca the trombone, made her first appearance on the Raw after SummerSlam. Over the next few weeks Francesca became an entertaining part of New Day’s act, with Xavier Woods’ playing the trombone from ringside during their matches including New Day’s trademark Unicorn Stampede.

Francesca clearly became beloved to The New Day and their fans as time went on, but things came to a head on the Jan 11, 2016 episode of Monday Night Raw when an irate Chris Jericho destroyed Francesca in half in front of a horrified Xavier Woods.

WWE officials backstage couldn’t put Francesca back together again which led to Xavier Woods calling out Chris Jericho out on social media, and also led to New Day giving Francesca a much deserved funeral.


4: Undertaker destroys Vince’s teddy bear

The Undertaker sets Vince’s beloved teddy bear on fire

Before you guys say that it was just a teddy bear, its what Vince’s teddy bear symbolized that got that incident on this list.

It was February 1999 and The Undertaker was just at the beginning of his Ministry of Darkness phase. Taker was in the midst of a feud with Vince McMahon, and he was trying to intimidate Vince by threatening his daughter’s safety.

This led Vince to put Undertaker in an inferno match with kayfabe brother Kane. Following the match, Taker took the teddy bear, which used to belong to Stephanie when she was young and set it on fire in front of a mentally broken down Vince McMahon. The bear represented Stephanie’s safety which Vince sadly, could no longer guarantee.

Undertaker burns Vince McMahons teddy by Pigeonsmilk

3: Batista totals JBL’s limo

Batista smashes in JBL’s limo (Courtesy WWE)

Before he was an announcer for WWE, JBL was one of the top heels on SmackDown during the brand split years. During his time near the main event spot, JBL’s revamped wall street character came out in his prized stretch limousine.

During a feud with Batista in 2005, Batista claimed that JBL had tried to have him run down and took out his rage on JBL’s unsuspecting limo. Batista coolly took a baseball bat and practiced his batting skills on the limo backstage. By the end of the vicious mauling, not one window was left unbroken and Batista had even torn the hood ornament off with his bare hands.


2: Brock Lesnar obliterates Seth Rollins’ gift to J & J Security

Brock Lesnar standing over J & J’s decapitated Cadillac (Courtesy WWE)

Brock Lesnar is a scary human being. He has the size and strength of a bear and the agility of a gazelle. Lesnar with an axe is an even scarier sight.

It was July,2015, and Seth Rollins had just gifted his lackey’s J & J Security with a brand new Cadillac as a reward for helping retain his championship. This was before The Beast came out with an axe and a score to settle. He absolutely obliterated the car with shots from his axe before sending the J & J boys through their prized Cadillac.

He even tossed one of the car doors like a discus and almost injured a fan in the process.

Beast indeed.


1: Stone Cold crushes The Rock’s car with monster truck

Stone Cold’s monster truck flattened The Rock’s car (Courtesy WWE)

The year was 1998. Bill Clinton was still president of the United States and wrestling was in its biggest boom period in history. With Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock feuding at the top of the card, WWE’s product was at the hottest it’d ever been.

Now, vehicular destruction isn’t foreign to Austin, but when it came to destroying The Rock’s town car in 1999, Stone Cold was at the top of his game.

While The Rock was cutting a promo, Stone Cold took his trusted 3:16 monster truck and crushed The Rock’s new Corvette much to Rocky’s absolute horror. Austin flattened The Rock’s prized possession in front of his eyes.

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