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5 times wrestlers prevented crimes

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Bryan stopped burglars 

Wrestlers are usually seen as larger than life character by the wrestling fans and rightfully so. They are built up like heroes in the movies thanks to the theatrics that are involved in the wrestling business. For instance, John Cena is one of those guys that most parents look up to as everyone wants their children to grow up like him.

This is why whenever a wrestler ends up becoming a hero in real-life, the story becomes so inspiring. We’ve had a lot of instances where a wrestler ended up preventing crimes in real-life and in this list, we are going to take a look at them.

#5 Chris Masters

Masters Master locked the tree

Chris Masters will be remembered by the WWE fans for his trademark master lock. But in real life, Chris Masters is a hero that saved his mother from getting murdered. A crazy neighbor of Masters decided to lock out Masters’ mother in their house and when the wrestler approached, the psycho set the house on fire.

Masters had to act fast to save his mother, decided to uproot a tree, break the glass with it and save his mother. It was clearly a heroic stuff from Masters and the police managed to capture the psycho man later to complete the story.

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